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todobarro is a neo-artisan company producing and designing handmade antique terracotta tiles.

The origin of todobarro is the passion for craftsmanship, but also for innovation and design.  Thus, we began research and development to expand the possibilities of traditional craftsmanship in the area of Malaga.

The results of our work were the first products of the todobarro catalogue, i.e., handmade clay tiles, with a unique aged and silky texture.  What we baptised as Antique texture is completed with an offer of 5 different colours of clay and a geometric system of tiles optimised to propose the greatest number of possible combinations with the smallest number of necessary formats.

This innovation in clay craftsmanship continues to grow every day and gives rise to differential products in our catalogue:

– Signature collections in collaboration with designers.

– Wide palette of glazed colours and Antique texture tiles.

– Ability to develop customised ceramic products and propose personalised solutions for each project. Todobarro’s goal is to claim comfort and sustainable luxury.  To this end, we are firmly committed to two missions, i.e., giving value to traditional craftsmanship and the construction arts through their integration with contemporary designs and the implementation of R&D.  And, working with a focus on the development of increasingly sustainable products and the application of nature-based solutions to spaces.

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