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What is
Hub Málaga Export?

An initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga to boost the visibility and positioning ofyour Malaga-based exporting companyat an international level.

We leverage our network of contacts and relationships with institutions to support you in expanding your presence in new markets and finding business opportunities abroad.

We approach companies to fully understand their internationalization needs and tailor our services for personalized accompaniment, offering exclusive solutions and individualized attention.

Accelerate the expansion of your company

Being part of Hub Málaga Export

We are a platform created by the Foreign Trade Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga to assist Malaga-based companies with internationalization, providing them with services and tools to enhance their presence in foreign markets.

Access to data bases and market intelligence
Consultancy and assesments
Support and document /customs processing
Belong to an international contact network
Visibility and promotion of your business
Participate in events
Discounts on especcialized training

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Qué podemos hacer por ti

Internacionaliza-T 360º

Estudiamos las necesidades de cada empresa para presentar las coberturas necesarias para la mejora de la competitividad en el comercio exterior facilitando el acceso a servicios profesionales.

Con INTERNACIONALIZA-T 360º, ofrecemos asesoramiento personalizado y formación especializada en materia de internacionalización.

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