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Sigfrido has been producing and marketing tropical fruits since 2013: Sigfrido, Retamosa and Chispita brand avocados and mangoes #readytoeat

Sigfrido Fruit, a company synonymous of quality, that grows and markets subtropical fruit in the ideal enclave of Axarquía region, in eastern Málaga.

We market over 5 million kilos of fruit annually and work aiming to meet the expectations of our consumers on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year, we serve Mangoes and Avocados of excellent quality thanks to imports from Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Kenya, Colombia, South Africa and the Ivory Coast. In addition, we will soon be able to see our organic avocado on the shelves of national and international supermarkets targeting that the motto #READYTOEAT resonates in the EU countries with our brands:

SIGFRIDO: A dynamic brand of avocados and mangoes, for a public that demands exquisite products to complement healthy diets.

RETAMOSA: A young mango and avocado brand, for the international expansion and growth of the company with an exclusive design that distinguishes it.

CHISPITA: A fresh brand of avocado for national and international markets, imported by sea and airfreight, which guarantees product throughout the year calendar in periods without national harvest.

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