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Cooperative of +75,000 farmers. Dcoop is the world’s largest producer of olive oil and table olives, and a leading producer of wine.

The Dcoop Group is one of the largest Spanish agri-food cooperatives by size, with a turnover over 1,200 million euros in 2022. With its headquarters in Antequera (Málaga), Dcoop is a second-degree cooperative, which means that its entities are Associated companies -mostly cooperatives- which in turn have 75,000 farmers and cattle breeders as owners.

It works to generate wealth and employment in the countryside accounting for sustainable, innovative and quality production. The company is the world’s largest producer of olive oil and table olives; It is also a leading company in wine production in Spain, in addition to operating in the supplies, livestock, goat’s milk, dried fruit and cereal sectors. The goal is to become a world-leading agri-food corporation, reduce intermediaries and connect producers with consumers in the most reliable and competitive way possible.

The Dcoop Group obtained approximately half of the turnover in 2022 from exports towards +75 countries around the world.

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